2018 neste!

FLAID er tom for sykler!

Du kan forhåndsbestille sykler for 2018 (15% rabatt!). ECHO kommer med noen fine oppgraderinger.
Velg mellom 20″ og 26″, standard, TI eller Pro. Vi har ikke de eksakte prisene for 2018 enda.

Vi poster nyheter når disse slippes fra ECHO. Det er noen svært gode forbedringer på gang!

Vi sykles i 2018

Hilsen FLAID Fredrik


Team ECHO Norway!

Fabrikkteamet til ECHOBIKE i Kina består av verdenseliten i Bike Trial. Norge har to aktive syklister på Teamet.


Ulltang Name: Eirik Ulltang (25)
Lives: Oslo, Norway
Height: 180 cm
Weight: Usually somewhere between 75 kg and 80 kg.
Started riding: Got my first trials bike (Echo Pure) in 2003. Started on
a normal bike a few years before that.

Ambitions: Competing at the highest level and exploring the world on
a trials bike

Best results: 2x Norwegian Champion, 4x Norwegian cup overall winner, 9th UEC European Championship 2015
Favorite Food: Vegetarian
Favorite Riding Spot: I really like our natural spot here in Oslo.
Hobbies: I’m lucky to call my hobby my profession.
Education: Currently completing my BA degree in sports science just to silence all the nagging from my mom.
Website: www.eiriktrials.com
Bike: Echo Mark Ti Pro 26″

Eirik was the first Norwegian participating in a world cup, and also the European Championship. His best position on the UCI ranking is no. 14 (August 2015).
Eirik won the first official trials race in Norway, the first Norwegian cup race, the first Norwegian cup overall, and also the first Norwegian Championship. He is four times Norwegian cup overall winner and two times Norwegian champion. Eirik has won 16 of 20 single races in the Norwegian cup (at the end of 2015).

In addition to competing, Eirik organizes his own summer camp, Fjordtrial, every year. He also organizes several national races, among them the Norwegian Championship. But, it’s the shows that takes up most of his time, something he started with in 2011. He travels around Norway with his show setup, and does performances and workshops on everything from festivals and bike races, to conferences and trade fairs.




TRAName: Thomas Remvik Aasen ( 31 ) aka TRA
Country: Norway (Bergen)
Riding trials for 18 years, 15 thats been on the pedals 

10 years time the best Norwegian rider .
Become famous throughout the world within the sport , as an avid video/photo maker TRA made his own name by filming himself and realeasing alot of videos over the years.

The main reason for his interest in videos were quite simple,
TRA was a lonerider, with none to ride with or learn from, he
started filming to be ableto push himself to newer heights , as he
didn’t have anyone to help him on. TRA is most known to be able
to do the biggest possible moves that can be done on a bike trials
bike, with 157 cm sidehop and 3.20m+ static gap, this is not easy
to beat by anyone .

These days his riding are not as often and will be focusing more
on bringing quality and innovation to videos and photos, as since
his job is film and TV production, no one can do this better then him.

Bikes: Main bike is 26″ ECHO , while he uses a 24″ ECHO
sometimes for special moves in his videos, its been set up to be
a funbike, not a competition bike. He also is riding a 20″ ECHO
when he wants to ride something different, also he believes
changing wheelsizes can sometimes be a good thing for the
skillevel .

Gravity ? No Respect !


Kilde: http://echo.bike/riders.html